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  • We are successfully leading landscaping ,nursery work since 1985.
  • Waterfall construction. Contractor of Royal farmhouse developing, beautyfull garden ,public parks, institutional gardens.
  • We have a team of 45-50 trained workers.


People spade the gardens, root out grasses, prepare beds, sow seeds, plant trees and water the plants. They keep the garden neat and clean. They also manure the gardens. They also follow the process of grafting. They also follow the process of germinating and transplanting. They work, generally in morning and evening.


People get fresh vegetables and fresh greens from their gardens. These are very nutritious for them. People work in their gardens and thereby do physical exercise. So, their health remains well. They do not need to purchase greens and vegetables from the market. So, their money is saved. They also find pleasure in beholding their own creation.

Conclusion: Gardening is very helpful, no doubt. So, every family should raise a garden close to the house.


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  • Wholesale & retail of every variety of plants(palms,trees, fruit plants, ornamental plants(indoor & outdoor), every variety of grass etc.)
  • Waterfall by natural stones, ornamental tiles etc.
  • Landscaping, garden development, farmhouse maintenance services


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